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Possible severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall expected

The combination of a rapid forming cut-off low system (see figure 1) over the central interior of the country, supported by the intensified trough at the surface (see figure 2) has the potential to result in possible heavy falls along the KwaZulu Natal coast from today into Thursday. The rapid formation of these systems could also result in possible severe thunderstorms, with either one or a combination of the following: strong gusty winds, lightning and localised flash flooding over the extreme eastern parts of North West Province, south-western Limpopo, western Mpumalanga, eastern Free State, western KwaZulu Natal as well as Gauteng as indicated in figure 3.



According to the South African Weather Service’s alert category, weather watches have been issued according to the expected hazardous weather.

A watch indicates a moderate risk that the hazardous weather condition will occur and that the all relevant stakeholders and the public should  “Be Prepared”.

Precautions to avoid death by lightning:

  • Stay indoors during a thunderstorm, and if you are travelling, stay within the vehicle;
  • When indoors try to stay away from corded electrical appliances. It is a good idea to unplug (not just switch off) electrical appliances when you hear the thunder rumble;
  • If you are caught in the open, seek shelter in a fully-enclosed building. Avoid hilltops and do not shelter under lone trees nor in isolated sheds; and
  • Do not swim during a thunderstorm and seek shelter if you are in a boat. Get out of the water when you hear thunder, and do not take a bath or shower. Rather wait until it passes.


Issued by: South African Weather Service


For technical enquiries contact:

National Forecasting Centre

Tel: 082 233 9800

For media enquiries contact:

Ms Kenosi Machepa (Senior Manager: Corporate Communications)

Tel: (012) 367 6000

Cell: 0832597223

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