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Significant rains are expected to affect most parts of South Africa over the next few days.

Tuesday rain and pressure map

Tuesday rain and pressure map

An unsettled few days of weather is expected for South Africa with wet weather forecast to affect both the summer and winter rainfall regions of the country.

For today (Tuesday) patchy light rain and strong to gale force NW winds are expected to affect the SW Cape due to an approaching cold front and sharp upper air trough.

This evening and overnight the main cold front will pass through with a band of more persistent rain expected in Cape Town and the surrounding areas – this rain may be heavy at times near the mountains.

Wednesday rain and pressure map

Wednesday rain and pressure map

By dawn tomorrow morning the winds will have eased with scattered showers expected until the early afternoon. Total rainfall amounts in the SW Cape are expected to be 5-10mm, with up to 40mm near the mountains.

For tomorrow (Wednesday) the cold front and upper trough will also meet warmer air over the interior of the country. This will lead to a band of slow moving rain and thunderstorms developing over the extreme NE of the Northern Cape, southern parts of the Free State, eastern parts of the Eastern Cape and southern parts of KZN.

Thursday rain and pressure map

Thursday rain and pressure map

On Thursday the band of rain will have moved NE to affect the remainder or the Free State and KZN, the North West and Gauteng.  Mpumulanga and Limpopo are expected to remain to the NE of the rain band but may see isolated showers and thunderstorms on Thursday.

On Friday the rain is still expected to affect Gauteng, but will edge north to also affect Limpopo and Mpumulanga.

Friday rain and pressure map

Friday rain and pressure map

With this weather event, 20-30mm of rainfall is expected widely over the mentioned regions however there is a risk of up to 100m over the NE interior of the Eastern Cape, Lesotho and the interior of southern and central KZN.


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This is not a weather warning, in South Africa, only the South African Weather Service can issue weather warnings.


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