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SOUTH AFRICAN WEATHER OUTLOOK FOR THE WEEK AHEAD – Valid Monday 12th to Sunday 18th February 2018

A fairly settled and mostly dry working week is expected over Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, N parts of KZN and E parts of the North West until the weekend. Over the weekend thunderstorm activity is expected to become more widespread, particularly over the Limpopo and E parts of the North West.

With settled conditions expected over N parts of South Africa until the weekend, unsettled and wetter conditions are likely over E parts of the Northern Cape, E parts of the Eastern Cape, S parts of KZN, W parts of the North West and the whole of the Free State. Over these areas afternoon thunderstorms are likely to be quite widespread at times and total accumulated rainfall totals could reach 80-100mm – particularly over Lesotho, S parts of KZN and SE parts of the Free State. The majority of this rain is likely to fall between today (Monday) and Wednesday.

In the far W of the country, thunderstorms are also expected over W parts of the Northern Cape and the majority of the Western Cape until Thursday, unfortunately although there could be some thunder and lightning at times, no significant rainfall is expected at this stage over the drought stricken SW Cape.

Over the weekend a weak cold front is likely to pass through the SW Cape, as this moves up the coast it should cause any thunderstorm activity to ease over central parts with thunderstorms becoming confined to NE parts of the country. As the cooler air collides with humid air over KZN, there is the risk of some energetic thunderstorms, particularly over W and central areas of the province.

Temperatures are expected to be around normal for the time of the year although it will be hot along the West Coast today and tomorrow and also over the SW Cape tomorrow and over the Mpumalanga lowveld on Thursday and Friday.

Winds are expected to be mostly moderate although a strong SE is expected in Cape Town today, spreading to the Garden Route and Eastern Cape coastline tomorrow. Strong winds are then expected to re-develop along the KZN coastline over the weekend.

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