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SNOW ON THE WAY – Powerful cold front to affect southern parts of South Africa over the weekend.

Bitterly cold conditions will engulf southern parts of the country over the weekend as a cold front draws in extremely cold air from Antarctica.

The affects of the front are likely to be felt first in the SW Cape on Saturday morning with fresh to strong NW winds and cloudy conditions. Around midday or in the early afternoon, the main front is likely to pass over Cape Town with a period of rain for 4-6 hours that will be heavy at times, particularly near the mountains.

During the evening, the main front is likely to clear the SW Cape with persistent rain making way for scattered showers and fresh SW winds.

By the early hours of Sunday morning the front (and wet conditions) is expected to lie SW of a line Oranjemund to Beaufort West to Plettenberg Bay. Ahead of the front, central and NE areas of the country are expected to be fine and warm to hot on Saturday although gusty NW winds are likely in places over the central interior.

At around dawn on Sunday morning, extremely cold air and scattered heavy showers will move into the Western Cape. The freezing level is likely to drop to 1000m over southern parts of the Western Cape and 1200m over northern parts of the Western Cape and the extreme south of the Northern Cape with significant snowfall expected.

With this snowfall, there is a good chance that Table Mountain will see some snow showers on Sunday morning along with parts of the N1 between Touwsrivier and Matjiesfontein.

As the main front moves into the southern and central interior of the the country on Sunday it will begin to fragment with precipitation becoming patchy in nature over these areas. Although dry conditions are expected, the march of the cold air north eastwards will see the majority of the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and southern and central parts of the Free State affected by very cold conditions.

During the course of Sunday afternoon, scattered showers are expected over southern parts of the Eastern Cape (falling as snow above 1300m) along with strong westerly winds along the coast. By the late afternoon on Sunday the cold and gusty southerly winds will move into KZN and as these converge with hotter more humid air, energetic thunderstorms are likely to develop over northern and central parts of the province.

By Monday morning, scattered showers are expected to become more isolated over the SW Cape and ease over KZN. Over the southern interior a bitterly cold morning is expected with a severe frost and temperatures dropping to -6º to -8ºC in places.

On Tuesday, temperatures will begin to warm over western parts of the country with cool conditions persisting over eastern parts of the country until Wednesday or Thursday next week.

With this weather event, widespread falls of rain of 20-30mm are expected in the SW Cape with 40-60mm likely near the mountains. Elsewhere in the Western Cape and in the far south and west of the Northern Cape 5-10mm can be expected.

The Eastern Cape, although cold, is only likely to see 3-6mm of rain, mainly over western and southern parts. KZN should see 10-20mm widely with perhaps up to 40mm in places if energetic thunderstorms develop.


Cape Town

Cloudy in the morning with fresh to strong NW winds and patchy rain along the mountains. Rain, heavy at times during the afternoon, easing to scattered showers in the evening.
Min: 12ºC
Max: 15ºC

Partly cloudy and very cold with scattered heavy showers and the chance of some small hail. Fresh SW winds.
Min: 9ºC
Max: 12ºC

Partly cloudy and cold with isolated showers easing during the day. Moderate, possible fresh W’ly winds.
Min: 9ºC
Max: 14ºC

Port Elizabeth

Sunny and fine with berg winds in the morning. Moderate NW winds tending to the SW.
Min: 13ºC
Max: 24ºC

Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and strong SW winds.
Min: 11ºC
Max 15ºC

Partly cloudy with isolated showers at first and strong W winds easing.
Min: 10ºC
Max: 16ºC


Sunny and hot with berg winds. Moderate NW winds tending to the NE in the afternoon.
Min: 17ºC
Max: 30ºC

Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and fresh S winds.
Min: 16ºC
Max: 21ºC

Partly cloudy and fine though cool. Fresh S winds.
Min: 12ºC
Max: 19ºC


Partly cloudy and warm with gusty NW winds.
Min: 4ºC
Max 24ºC

Partly cloudy and cold with moderate to fresh SW winds.
Min: 2ºC
Max: 14ºC

Fine and cold. Mostly sunny after a frosty start. Light winds.
Min: -2ºC
Max: 13ºC


Sunny and warm with moderate NW winds, fresh at times in southern parts of the province during the afternoon.
Min: 12ºC
Max: 26ºC

Partly cloudy and warm with fresh NW winds. Cool and gusty SW winds developing in the late afternoon or evening.
Min: 3ºC
Max: 25ºC

Fine and cool, particularly in the south. Moderate SW winds.
Min: 2ºC
Max: Johannesburg 17ºC
Max: Pretoria 21C


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