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AfricaWeather App, taking you by storm

Covering South-African cities, AfricaWeather app allows you to customise weather notifications sent to your device. You can track accurate weather patterns and forecasts for the best time of day to cycle, jog, pack for the beach and much more to suite your lifestyle.

We offer more for FREE than any other weather app in South Africa, but subscribers get some awesome extras and it is not available anywhere else. There really should be no reason for you to use any other weather app in South Africa. Get ahead of traffic by viewing our forecast for the day or prepare to dress accordingly. You can set your preferred location and watch another location for free! Receive notifications to your mobile, at your preferred time that can be managed within the app with ease.

A daily forecast is so much more than just a forecast, it sets the mood of your day, and you make safer and smarter decisions.

Breaking news and weather severity directly from our meteorologist such as tornado touch-downs and heat waves Covering over 450 suburbs, you can set your favourite suburb, we do not average between main South African towns, the weather information is precise for your selected location. You can share the app with ease to your family and friends they can keep connected to accurate weather information

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